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Setting Crystals with Gel

(onto acrylic or natural nails)

Instructions for polish (non-gel) manicures are also available.

Instructions for applying Swarovski® crystals to nails: Because of the brilliance of Swarovski® crystals, never apply top coat over the crystal as it will diminish the sparkle. Crystals will last the longest when applied to a hard nail surface. Therefore, crystals applied to an acrylic nail with gel polish give the best results.

Step 1

Crystals for Gels Step 1: Apply foundation, cure, then apply color of your choice

Apply gel foundation, cure under the LED/UV light. Then, apply gel color of your choice.

Step 2

Crystals for Gels Step 2: Gel nails with crystals: Cure color gel

Cure under the LED/UV light.

Step 3

Crystals for Gels Step 3: Use emery board to roughen

Prepare the nail with an emery board, roughening the area where crystals will be applied.

Step 4

Crystals for Gels Step 4: Wip nails with alcohol wipe

Wipe nails clean with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free wipe.

Step 5

Crystals for Gels Step 5: Apply gel top coat but do not cure

Apply a gel top coat to the entire nail.

Step 6

Crystals for Gels Step 6: Pick up crystal using wax pickup tool

Use a wax pickup tool to pick up the crystal.

Step 7

Crystals for Gels Step 7: Place crystal to top coat

Apply crystals to the top coat on the nail.

Step 8

Crystals for Gels Step 8: Continue to apply crystals until design is complete

Continue to apply crystals and arrange in the design of your choice.

Step 9

Crystals for Gels Step 9: Cure topcoat after all crystals have been applied

Cure under the LED/UV light.

Step 10

Crystals for Gels Step 10: Place a drop of gel top coat to non-porous surface

Place a drop of gel top coat onto a non-porous surface and dip a small detailing brush into it.

Step 11

Crystals for Gels Step 11: Use detail brush to create topcoat prongs

Using the detailing brush, apply the top coat around the crystals, sealing the edges and creating a "prong" setting.

Step 12

Crystals for Gels Step 12: Cure under LED/UV light

Cure under the LED/UV light.